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Gary Farr & His Party Dance Band

This band is designed for social and corporate events with plenty of party dance music!  An offshoot of the big band, this band goes out from a 6 to a 12 piece band with featured singers and hot horn sections. From formal tux to casual beach parties, we do it all! 

"Many of my clients looking for a band don't realize how important a band is, how a band can make or break your event. I've always impressed upon, your guests will not always remember the food they ate or the color of the decor, but they will remember if they had a good time or not. My bands are always professionally seasoned musicians and singers who can customize music to your taste. I like to be involved from start to finish coordinating with you or your event planner. I'll get all the details well in advance to help the evening flow with great success. I've performed and MC'd for hundreds of events for over 25 years now. I know when to play dinner music, when to kick in dance music, when to coordinate our breaks based on the events planned. I will work with you in as much detail as possible." ~ Gary


photo from left to right: Perry Osborn; guitarist, Randy Barnhill; upright and electric bass, Mark Blair; drums/singer, Lisa Polombo; singer, Gary Farr pianist/band leader and MC, David Deitweiler; saxophonist (woodwinds) 

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